How Kuhirō IoT works


Kuhirō IoT creates a peer-to-peer data mesh between multiple devices.
Below is a brief explanation of how we do it :)

# 1: CRDTs

Kuhirō uses Conflict Free Replicated Data Types
This allows Kuhirō to support multiple database masters writing concurrently
The data-layer automatically resolves conflicts that happen during concurrent modifications


# 2: Swarms

CRDTs enable peer-to-peer swarms, the Cloud is no longer necessary.
These swarms can use many physically separate devices to act towards a common goal
These are the building blocks of mini decentralized internets


# 3: Latency

Peer-to-peer swarms have near optimal data replication latency.
Replication does not need to go to the Cloud, it travels directly from one device to another.


# 4: Robustness

Peer-to-peer swarms can survive numerous concurrent outages and still complete their tasks.


# 5: Mini Decentralized Internets

Adding IaaS/Serverless-functions and AI to the mix
We have miniature decentralized internets.



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